A Change of Heart – Or Bend in the Road?

About a week ago I headed to Arizona to check out a school for my future career as a Doctor of Naturopath.  I was really excited and pumped up on the idea of integrating holistic healing with modern medicine and being able to help people by spending the time to get to know the patients as a person rather than a chart number.  My perspective is changing, maturing as I work through undergrad studies.  One doesn’t have to know all of the little details about one’s life to understand the illness; and in fact, inefficiency and an unskilled Physician can be misunderstood as taking the time to find the answers.  The fact remains, a good Doctor knows what he or she needs to ask to find the answers, and a great Doctor will keep trying if he or she cannot find the problem and fix it.  Finding the answers is not necessarily going to come from talking for hours on end about the same thing repeatedly.

So I have been thinking about this.  I haven’t had a change of heart because I didn’t even know all of what I was getting into.  The fact is, the Doctor of Naturopathy education is geared toward the healing naturally, rather than with a balance of both types of medicine.  During my undergrad education, I have also realized that there are some things such as neurological disorders and extreme pain that are not well-managed with holistic healing.  The fact is, many so-called cases that are miraculously healed by taking herbs and other natural remedies are not tested before and afterward to make sure it is more than just a placebo effect that will fade through time.


So I’m going to visit the idea of becoming a Neurologist.  I am fascinated with the entire neurological system, and even think I could handle the surgeries.  I have watched videos of brain surgeries and spinal cord surgeries, such as tumor removal and epidural hematoma surgeries for example, and it was thrilling!  I work with a neurologist so will do some more research, reading, watch lectures, surgeries, and ask my coworker Neurologist how else to prepare and make sure it is the program for me.


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