The Couch Potato

couch potato 1.jpg

I was watching How I Met Your Mother, Season 5, Episode 7 today, when I realized something.  There is such a phenomenon that when people get in a serious relationship they might start letting things go. What I mean about this, is perhaps letting go of certain hygiene things, or maybe it just means becoming less ad venturous.  Let’s think of some examples.


First, we think of the person that starts “dining in” more than out. This person perhaps just broke up with their loved one, or perhaps their significant other works late or is on a business trip. Whatever the case is, this is the picture: you’re home by yourself, with a bowl full of something sweet or salty; or even a couple different bowls of different stuff. You stuff your face, maybe drown in some liquor, and pass out eventually. This is the lonely couch potato.


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Then there is the serious binge watcher. This means more than one thing. For one thing, watching shows upon shows upon shows. Also, mindlessly eating throughout those show binges. Whether it’s chocolate, chips, or even something else. It could even be healthy food! Whatever the case, it’s a double binge, and does double harm.


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This is the lazy couch potato. This picture is depicting all the other things that you should do, but get distracted from the things that are really important. I mean, your dog might want your attention, or need to go outside. Maybe your kids need you, or you need to start dinner. Or, the famous one–you need to workout. You’re putting off yoga or your daily workout, or even doing the dishes or cleaning the house.



Then, of course, there is the depressed couch potato. This is perhaps the hardest one to fix, because this kind of couch potato comes from different causes. In fact, there are many different causes and many different treatment plans for depression. Since there are many different ways to take care of this. Firstly, identify the cause of the depression. Is there something like sleep disorders that is making you depressed? Is it nutritional imbalance? There are so many questions.

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After changing that which can be changed, start nourishing your soul. Those endless hours of TV, binges, and whatever keeps you from doing what you are supposed to do, is that which our subconscious way of avoiding discrepancies and even negligence. Some turn to yoga and meditation. The key is to listen to your body. To take some time of silence, rest, and serenity. In today’s times, when can a person be alone, quiet, and attentive?


This is for the ladies in my audience. You need to cook dinner, you need to eat healthier. You also need to spend some time alone, so what do you do? Combine some of them to make it possible. Take extra time to cook dinner in order to spend some quiet time in your own thoughts. This is a good time to put on some classical music and chase the kids out for some play time outside. This will give you some time with your spirit, and you can meditate while cooking nourishing food. It sets you in a good mood, and gives you more time to cook something you can actually enjoy.

These are my goals for 2016. I want to spend time with my spirit. I intend to try meditation, even if it is spent cleaning and cooking my kitchen. I also intend to keep a consistent schedule in order to maintain balance across all regions of my life. This means not over-extending in any way. I mean, getting eight hours of sleep each and every night, dedicating the perfect amount of time for my school, the gym, work, and even taking care of myself and my home. All summed up, HOMEOSTASIS.

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