Keeping the Focus

Today I want to talk about focus. I’m sure this is something I’ve talked about before, but maybe I have some new insight. In order to keep focus, we first have to have the focus in the right place. My focus is balance. Because of this, if one thing, whether good or bad, messes up that balance, then it is put into confinement. Let me think of some examples.

When I eat foods such as wheat or dairy, it upsets the balance in my intestines as well as my mind. The wheat gives me brain fog as well as an upset stomach, and dairy does more than that. So, that is something that is out of my life, within reason. These things might be healthy for some, but not for me, because it upsets the entire alignment.

Another example is if an extreme boot camp workout is causing sleep deficiencies, well that is putting your body into a weakened immune system, as well as that which generally is associated with sleep deprivation, like a loss of energy, injury, and even accidents.

Clutter can cause lost balance in life as well. Clutter is more than just having a lot of unfinished piles of work laying around where you can see it. Clutter can happen in the mind too, when someone has too much on their plate or keeps to many “junk files” on the forefront of their mind. This mimics worry and turns into frustration and anger.

The best way to overcome all these things and keep focus, balance, and keep an even keel in life, is to meditate. I don’t know from a lot of experience, but it’s something I want to try. I love yoga, and always benefit from it. Meditation is the next step in my search for balance and meaning in life.


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