Enjoy Your Workout

Have you ever found yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place, when it comes to working out and enjoying the fitness process? I have. In fact, I have spent most of my life this way. I have tried to figure out ways to get inspired…to become motivated! Fear may be man’s greatest motivator, but it doesn’t motivate in a positive energy. I have struggled from time to time to have a positive energy driving me in my healthy lifestyle endeavors.

To know what truly will motivate you, inspire you, even drive you to do something; you must know yourself–in and out. I found out this summer that I absolutely love running…I mean, every part of it. I love the part where I feel like punching myself in the gut, but mostly because of what is on the other side of this hump. I get the chance to cleanse, to increase my endorphin responses, and to increase strength, speed, and stamina.

But, the trick is to be in tune to your body enough to recognize when it is time to change things up. For instance, when I was running, after a couple months I started to plateau and even my strength, speed, and stamina decreased a bit. This indicated that I needed to make sure my body rested, and it also indicated that what I was doing was not enough.

So, I took a couple weeks off, and then started lifting weights. I did not enjoy this one bit…I’ll be honest. I really don’t like to lift weights. In fact, I avoid it as much as is possible. But, if it will make me be able to run again I’ll do it! But here’s the thing–as long as you are doing something, it is better than nothing. Why? For one thing, you are still moving around. You are keeping up a good habit. You are keeping health in your subconscious mind.

The best thing that happens, is you learn more about yourself. I was doing this, and really not enjoying it at all, when I realized that there was something I have been ignoring for such a long time. I have been wanting to try out boxing. I mean, in my home gym dream I have a couple different types of punch bags. So, I got a hold of a great coach to show me the moves. I absolutely love it! It has been a couple weeks, and I am still loving it! So, a little bit at a time, I found something that I absolutely love. This may change over time, and I’m okay with that.


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