Reiteration of a Unique You

Last week, I talked about two myths that kept me from meeting my personal goals. These two things are commonly proposed and supported among those in the health industry. But, when people say “you need to do more than 20 minutes of workouts” they are talking to the general population. How can advice that is generalized be suitable to your specific situation? Each person is individualized, which is why there is a higher success rate in people who workout with a certified trainer and those who try to do it alone. But, there is still a portion of people who don’t resonate with a personalized trainer or health coach. I am such a person. I believe that everyone has their own situation, and deep down, we all know what we actually can and can’t do to change our lifestyle. We also know, deep down, what we really want in life. For some, they just want to be happy. Some want to look like a fitness model. What do you want in life? If there were one thing you could change, what would that be? Is it a possibility? Just think with an open mind, one that is free of stress, free of criticism, and free of all the baggage.


Have you heard people talk about this? Let’s think about it. An addiction controls you, keeps you from having a life, and keeps you in bondage to the item of addiction. Addictions are inconsiderate of your money, time, energy, feelings, or even true desires. The addiction is the spotlight and will always be. An addiction is also a psychological way to ignore your self, hide from the truth, and run from your fears. Addiction to exercise does not, and never will, solve the problem. It may bring the same outward outcome, but it won’t take care of the issues that got you to that place, and the problem will still be there. If you don’t acknowledge the problem, and move on without your problems, they will pop up again, and likely at the most inconvenient time.

While taking care of the problems is good, you can also overdo it. If you keep visiting a time of pain, frustration, or criticism, it keeps it fresh in your mind. If you are exercising to get away from a deeper issue, the connection is there and your mind will think the problem is still current. Try this: Make exercise your passion. Make exercise as essential to your day as drinking water or fueling your body. If you spend less time trying to figure out the best amount of time to work out, and the best workout to use; and use that time to take care of yourself, you’ll find yourself a lot less frustrated and even happy. Exercise shouldn’t be an addiction unless you want to live with an addiction. Along this matter, you don’t need to spend hours at the gym unless you are trying to compete in fitness or become a fitness model.

morning motivation scr4


Is this really true? Think about it. In the morning our metabolism is the lowest because we haven’t been doing anything but sleep for the past several hours. While working out in the morning can jump start your metabolism for the day, it will also leave you starving. You can’t do extreme stretches in the morning because that can actually injure your muscles, and if you don’t drink enough water you end up working your muscles without proper lubrication which can lead to dehydration and muscle injury. On the other hand, some people are motivated more in the morning than in the evenings, so this may be the best time for them to fit it in; they just have to take precautions not to injure themselves. Injury can mean muscle fatigue, overexertion, dehydration (or worse), and of course a pulled muscle or tendon. There are other things that can easily happen, but these are things that people don’t think about as often as they should. If you injure yourself, your goals are set back because you have to rest and recover from the injury.

My recommendation is to wake up with a quick yoga routine to get your body moving. This will realign your back, warm up your muscles for the day, and even stretch out a little bit of stiffness. A good yoga routine is always moving in a slowly flowing manner. If you focus on simply stretching, you can injure your muscles and tendons, so the point is to just move the stiffness out of your body and get your heart ready for the day. You can find a good 10 minute morning yoga routine on YouTube for free, so you can learn some sequences to take with you no matter where you are. You should then focus on nourishing your body. Drink another tall glass of water, maybe grab a piece of fruit.  Get your To Do List ready, and tackle your most dreaded thing to get it out of the way. Or, if you have to go to work, do that! It’s your life, your body, and you know yourself better than most people. If something isn’t working for you, you’ll know. This is why you can’t ignore your inner self, and this is why you have to listen and be aware of everything. For you, working out in the evening may be better for you than in the mornings. Or, you might be better off with a quick workout during your lunch break. Either way, each person has a time that works best for them.


I’m talking about the misconception that a lot of people have, that if a food is a healthy food, you can eat as much as you want. This isn’t necessarily true. In fact, if you don’t have moderation in your eating habits, you are not nourishing your body but using food as an escape from something else. It keeps you from focusing on things that are important, and then you end up with an addiction to eating. For example, there are ways to make a dessert that is healthy by using nuts in stead of flour, and honey or dates in stead of sugar. These treats can be really good, too! But you can have too much of them. You can give yourself a food coma, so to speak, when you eat so much you feel numb. How can this be healthy? Healthy is more than just eating right and exercising.. Healthy is taking care of yourself-your entire self. A healthy person will not be surrounding herself with negative people, filling her mind with negative thoughts, or staying in negative energy. A healthy person doesn’t have to follow fads to feel good about his or her self, and neither does a healthy person depend on other’s approval for anything. A healthy person is a strong person.



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