Exercising — Not Enough?

Have you ever gotten stuck in the endless cycle of exercising that doesn’t make a difference — or even makes you gain weight? You are not alone. In fact, a majority of people who begin exercising face this phenomenon, and make one of several choices. They can keep doing what they are, hoping that some time things will change. Another thing they can do is go on an extreme diet, or some kind of boot camp. The more common response, however, is to drop the ball and return to a lifestyle that they were living before.

So, how do we get over this wall of separation? Do we pursue the achievements of people who successfully made it over that wall of separation? Not necessarily. What worked for them may not work for you. In fact, while the essential workings of weight and health are similar across the board, our bodies are intricately unique. I want to talk about some common beliefs that swing around from time to time that can actually sabotage your efforts.



This is NOT true! Have you ever heard about HIIT workouts? High Intensity Interval Training is a type of working out that generally lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, and has been proven to be quite effective in the fitness industry. However, many personal trainers make the suggestion that the first half hour is merely using up sugars, rather than actually burning any fat or building muscle. They say, in order to actually make any difference in your physique, you actually must workout for 45 minutes, minimum, and if possible an hour and a half. The truth? After 45 minutes, if the workout is intense enough, for most people (who are not athletes) their physique actually can begin adrenal responses, which leads to an increase of the cortisol hormone. While I’m not a professional, I can say that this does happen to a good percentage of people who “overdo it”. Our bodies can actually stand quite a bit, and bounce back pretty easily. But, when you’re overexerting regularly this can actually cause more damage than not. An increase in cortisol levels is similar to chronic stress, and can trigger the “fight or flight” response, which in turn actually turns down your metabolism and causes your body to store fat rather than burn it.


Truth? It is your body. To lose weight is such a complex thing, really. It’s not just “calories in, calories out”. If your current lifestyle got you to the weight, size, and shape in which you find yourself; then your lifestyle must make some changes that will put you in the frame you want. There are some things that will be able to come back into your lifestyle once maintenance is achieved, because maintenance generally requires less regulation. So. What people sometimes say, is that when a person takes away certain foods they end up binge eating that food and gaining back all they fought to lose. Well, the truth is, especially in the case with high sugar intake, the more you eat, the more you crave. If you replace these sugars with real food, and watch your macros, you will find that you can find a diet that is helpful, while at the same time not infringing on your personal style (or lifestyle). This is the goal. Find a way to change your baseline – the weight your body naturally falls to with regularity and lifestyle choices. With time, practicing this lifestyle will actually turn a “chronically overweight” person into a “naturally thin” person. This is the goal, actually. If you really don’t want to be eating high fructose corn syrup, and this is a choice you want to make for yourself – well by all means, go for it!

If it is a lifestyle choice, rather than a weight loss pursuit, you will be less likely to sabotage it, and more likely to choose alignment with your new personal lifestyle/style. Choosing a new name for yourself takes adjustment, and so does style. It is the same with diet choices. If you want to be eating fast food, and having your pantry full of sweets and junk food – then that is the approach you should take on your diet. If you want your fridge to be full of fresh, exotic and exciting produce, organic meats, and such – then, by all means, please feel free to change your lifestyle to what you want! This is what I am doing. People say that what I am doing is wrong, and I will end up binge eating all the foods in a way that will destroy that which I worked so hard for. It’s not true. If I want to live a healthy lifestyle, and keep junk food out of my house, then that is the way I am going to live. Most people can’t do this, because they have a family that doesn’t agree with them on the matter. My husband has been living this way for several years, and I have been trying to for nearly as long. When someone says that I will sabotage my efforts, my response is always, I am simply living the way that I want to live. I also say that I have been doing this for “X” amount of months/years, and the longer I maintain my desired lifestyle, the less I crave those foods. This is my choice, and I’m owning it with pleasure. I’m not starving myself or even depriving myself. I’m simply changing my diet style.



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