The Evil G

Honor Your Body

I ran across this interesting article about being “glutened”. She said, “Then there are the other common mental/emotional responses to being glutened, like anger, moodiness, depression, and anxiety. None of these conditions facilitate being able to research what to do to feel better … and feel better fast.” In light of this, I want to explain a bit what I have been going through for the past week.

Sometimes, when a person has a food sensitivity, it is difficult to figure out the balance. They like to tempt themselves, and play with the rules to find the boundaries. Also, the rules are constantly changing, making it difficult to find a consistent lifestyle. Also, if a person has a food sensitivity, it is more about grouping than overindulgence.

For instance, in my case, I’m allergic to caffeine and dairy, and have about 20 food sensitivities, including eggs, wheat, peaches, chicken, salmon, and several veggies. If I have a peach pie with whipped cream or ice cream, I’ll be sick within the hour. If I have something with wheat and eggs in it, I may be fine with one serving every week or two; but when I eat it repeatedly it tears me up. It’s about knowing what makes you happy, and what makes things worse. Another example: salads are healthy, right? Well, I’m sensitive to bell peppers, artichokes, eggs, spinach, and cucumbers. Most of the good salads have all of these, and if I top it with dairy-rich ranch dressing; I am sabotaging my health, and will be sick for days from that salad.


If you take an allergy test, you can use it to be healthier in a customized way. you can see which foods you need to eat less of, and that way you can find that balance. This is exactly what I am doing. Perhaps I can have a flour tortillas every now and then! Maybe, I can even have a small piece of cake or pie, as long as I don’t do these things every day, but only every now and then. As long as you take care of yourself nearly all the time, a “cheat” is okay every now and then, as long as a small “cheat” doesn’t actually make you that sick.

Just don’t let that “cheat” make you think you can live that way forever. Then you’ll get toxic, have to cleanse, and live in extreme cycles over and over again. Your “cheat” is not something you can get seconds. It’s a special treat to be enjoyed while it lasts, and then left alone for others to indulge in. This perspective keeps you from being one of those judgmental people that others despise.



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