Our Gut Rules

In school, I’m reading these studies about ways that our core, our gut, is actually in control of everything. In fact, did you know that the neurotransmitters that make you feel good, fall asleep, and even anxious start in the gut? That explains why you get a gut feeling before realizing that something bad is happening. Our gut is extremely sensitive.

So, it begs to bring to our attention anxiety and depression. If such things are controlled by our gut, then how do anti-anxiety meds and anti-depression meds work? Do they bring havoc into our gut? How are we to be happy (or in some cases simply function)? Some people prefer not to take medications, and their first response is to reach for natural remedies. But, what happens when these are not enough? Why do we even need to take pills, anyways?

Well, the truth of the matter is that so many things from respiratory diseases to blood pressure issues can be stemmed directly from our deteriorating ozone layer. Likewise, the increase of production, use of chemicals, and increase of population leave the soil depleted and crying for nourishment. The food we eat then is not as enriched as it once was, leaving us depleted as well. In retrospect, most of these things are subtle; but they are getting worse. The clean water crisis and global warming crisis is coming to this generation, and we need to do something about it. Why? It’s taking away our health and increasing the number of disorders.

Aside from living green, how can we survive? Well, lifestyle always comes first. Get your exercise, supplement, eat well, and sleep well. When all of that is not enough get help. Don’t let things go too far. A lot of people face chronic anxiety, and are anxious about taking pills. I’d like to bring to the discussion a great blog written by Tarilee Cornish, a Nutritional Consultant, Mental Illness or Allergy? In this article, we see that there are actually some reasons to take pills, even for the health conscious person who prefers natural treatments.

Mental Illness or Allergy?


Let’s look at anxiety specifically. What are some of the affects of living in chronic anxiety? A simple Google search brings us the following:

  • excessive, ongoing worry and tension.
  • an unrealistic view of problems.
  • restlessness or a feeling of being edgy.
  • irritability.
  • muscle tension.
  • muscle aches.
  • headaches.
  • sweating.
  • difficulty concentrating
  • nausea
  • the need to go to the bathroom frequently
  • tiredness
  • fidgeting
  • trouble falling or staying asleep
  • trembling
  • being easily startled
  • numbness in hands and feet
  • difficulty swallowing
  • bouts of difficulty breathing
  • trembling
  • twitching
  • hot flashes
  • rashes


I don’t know about you, but this does not look like a life worth living. There are some medications which are called SSRI. These pills have the least amount of side affects, and may actually take most of these symptoms away. If there is a way to live without these debilitating symptoms, and make something of your life, would you want me to stop you?



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