The Struggle Is Real, My Friends

The struggle is real, for sure. If you have ever walked through a health food store, as many of you probably have, one thing that you will notice is the extremely high prices on everything from a chocolate bar to cereal, and even prepackaged foods. Being gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free, most of my baking is taken directly from the Health Food Stores! Almond Flour is close to $10 for one small bag that holds about four cups. While this is the most expensive, I have yet to try some others such as spelt flour and coconut flour.

Being a former binge eater and junk food junkie, I find it interesting that, although I don’t eat nearly as much as I had in the past, what I do make out of flours is really, really expensive! One serving of pancakes, for instance, is roughly $6.00 to make at home! Can you imagine the prices if there were gluten-free options in the restaurant business? Maybe some day I will be able to get a restaurant or bakery started, which uses gluten-free and dairy-free options. It is becoming more and more prominent among allergy sufferers.

I am really glad I didn’t just dive right into making my baked goods out of gluten-free flours. I got a chance to stay away from gluten alternatives for a few weeks before even trying it. I still have yet to find out if there is any kind of reaction, or repercussions as far as weight goes, since the gluten-free flours are higher in calories.

So. How can you spot a good recipe? It is so much different from regular baking. So far, I have found that pictures really say a lot. If it looks good, but not perfect, it’s likely the real product itself. Another thing to check, is the sugar added. If there are high levels of sugar added to the recipe, it’s possible that you will still feel sick. Another thing to look for is video files, showing the recipe being put together, or at least a descriptive explanation of what to look for and what to do.

While going gluten-free is not for everyone, and it is not completely unnecessary for everyone either. Many aren’t even aware of gluten sensitivities, and find that they feel a lot better without gluten in their diet. Then, there are others who find that they like the alternative flours better, too. Wheat, in itself, was not necessarily meant for continuous consumption. Humans were built to eat vegetation primarily, with a little meat on the side, and a small sprinkling of grains. Sugars are totally an invention of recent years, by comparison, and it has been proven that the body treats sugars the same as all addictive substances, such as coffee, drugs, and even alcohol.

This is not to say that sugar is addictive in the same way, but have you ever noticed that a person that “has a sweet tooth” cannot stay away from sweets? Have you ever felt the same way, that the only thing you can think about is that cake in the fridge, or those chocolates in the desk drawer? This obsessive behavior in the mind is a direct link to the way our bodies process sugar. Many times, sugar excessive sugar intake will increase the Candida yeast in the gut, which also contributes to inflammation, exhaustion, and even allergies. In fact, after I have been completely free of allergens and added sugars, my doctor will do my allergy test again, to see if any of the allergens dissipated after taking the worst benefactors out of my diet.

So, if you want to try it, just try taking added sugars, wheat, or any number of things you think are causing health problems. Do this for about two to three weeks, then have a meal with one of the items, to see if there are any symptoms. Maybe you get some gas, feel light-headed, foggy, or even tired for the rest of the day. It’s possible that you have a sensitivity to that food. Some people’s bodies digest different things in a different way, therefore, there are people who can handle sugar in a different way than others.


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