New Inspiration

Hey you guys!!! I have been swamped and stressed….anyways. I just ran across this article and wanted to share it.

Weight Loss Blues

In this article, there is something that they discuss which has forfeited all my weight loss endeavors before. Depression. Have you ever lost weight, and in stead of feeling the energy boost and greater morale you just feel sad and loss of energy. Your motivation becomes nearly nonexistent, and the only thing that seems to make you happy is that cookie in front of you. Maybe these aren’t just cravings. Maybe you are like me. Maybe the weight loss gives you the blues too! I have been writing on my support group blog.  This is part of the reason which I have not been writing as I promised. Either way, this is an interesting fact which I would like to do some more research.

So, what happens when you have post weight loss depression? What can this do? For some, depression causes extreme weight loss, and for some it causes stress eating. This reverses all efforts previously given and all weight is gained again through stress eating. Then comes the disparing feeling of failure and rejection. So what is the preventive key component for this tool of the enemy (our obesity and overeating)? Changing up your routine is one way to combat or prevent this type of depression; but another way is through vitamins. Often with weight loss comes the reduction in our vitamins. For one thing, we are eating less. Also, most vitamins are fat soluble, which means that when you eat less fat there is less resource for the vitamins to absorb in your system. When the depression hits, it is a good time to do something new. Start talking to your doctor about taking vitamins which help with depression, such as Vitamin D, Omega’s, Vitamin B12, and of course Vitamin C. Maybe you could go for a hike or some kind of party or group of healthy people getting together. Using apps like MeetUp can be resourceful for finding such things. There are groups for hikers that schedule hikes and other meetings. Broaden your friendship circle. Sometimes you can get into a rut when this post weight loss depression hits, and if you can combat this or at least hold it off until your weight is stable and your body, mind, soul, and spirit have found a new routine that is exciting you can make it past that depressive period of time. How much time are we talking? Sometimes it takes up to six months for a habit to formulate; it will take as long or longer for your body to get used to the “new” you.


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