A moment of critical cognition

I just wanted to apologize….I’ve missed two Sundays of writing my blog posts!!! While I was taking the Introduction to Films class at Ashford University, I was required to write a blog about the films I was critiquing. For the past two weeks, I have been working with overeaters anonymous as well as posting on my support groups anonymous about my findings. I found out I’m allergic to milk-and ALL dairy, including any kind of milk made from a mammal. That means goat’s milk, cow’s milk, and even the rare Boar’s milk or Mare’s milk. All of it. Why??? I’m allergic to the protein that is in them. The more intense the protein, like in yogurt and cheese, the more intense my reactions are. It’s why I have been sick for so many years!!! I actually have anaphylaxis, instead of asthma! I never knew it!

If you are sick, or experiencing a long-term illness….it doesn’t hurt to take an allergy test. You get your blood drawn and sent to a lab. They determine which foods and additives you are allergic to, and also to which severity. I can breathe through my nose now, and I am slowly starting to be able to smell again (a function which has been malfunctioning for more than 6 years). I can sleep like a baby again, because I am breathing the way I’m supposed to. It’s amazing.

Well, I am in a Philosophy class now, and for the next month, so my life should get interesting! I am getting back on the schedule, so we’ll see you next Sunday! Have a great week ya’ll!


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