What’s Hot with Fitness and Nutrition

With all the rage about the booty in 2014, there was a lot of talk about plastic surgery and other cheaper versions of a shortcut to having a nice and round rump. So what is going on? Why are we so focused on the booty? Is it worth the risk of plastic surgery if you don’t have the time to put in the proper workouts? Not in my book. The reasoning behind the fit booty comes from many of the health benefits of having a strong butt. If you take the shortcut to having a round butt, those health benefits are skipped as well, resulting in disfigurement and dissatisfaction. Don’t get me wrong-I’m sure some are happy with silicone bottoms. But why spend all that money for something you can work for, and get awesome benefits too?


One thing that booty workouts does for the body (besides the obvious metabolism boost) is the surrounding muscles are worked as well. Your lower back and upper thighs will get toned and strengthened while the lower abdomen is worked as well. It’s basically a side door to having an awesomely hot bod, without all the focus on the abs like the past. Previously, the hot workouts were focused mainly on the abs, resulting in flat bodies struggling to maintain a ripped six pack. With the butt-based workouts, all the muscles getting worked and toned are there to protect the spine from injury. The strong leg, butt, and lower abdomen muscles will protect your body as well as look good with or without clothes.

A healthy diet should be maintained in order to avoid undermining the work in the gym. However, with a booty-focused program, you don’t have to be that crazed and obsessed person who can barely socialize because it will add padding to the six pack you worked so hard to get. The booty workouts cover more muscles, which in the long run mean that there is more working for you in return of what you did to build and maintain that form. So go out for the occasional fun night! If you are doing everything right when you’re at home and work, then the occasional drink or dessert won’t hurt too much. The butt muscles get smothered in fat after a longer period of time with bad eating habits, and therefore the occasional cheat won’t hurt. The abs will show bloat and water retention with junk food, but eating right the rest of the week will help them return to their normal maintained self after a few days. It’s a win-win!


Next week, I’ll discuss diet, and in May we’ll be looking at specific plans that work. When you choose a plan, it should be something that you can integrate in your lifestyle with some ease, and remain social. When your diet or program makes it difficult to socialize, then you find yourself doing nothing a little more, which results in a higher chance of breaking your diet anyways. The program that works for you should be one that is a version of the present situation that is healthier, but not so crazy that you change everything about yourself and become unrecognizable by personality.



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