Today I wanted to talk a little bit abou

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about failure. There are different types of failures, really. You can have a present failure and a future failure. I was getting discouraged today, because I couldn’t quite make it with clean eating. It was only 21 days, but I failed. This made me discouraged, and depressed. But something occurred to me today that really shed some light on the subject.

When I flunked the clean eating regimen, that was a present failure. Yes, it affects my future, but at this point it could have a positive effect or a negative effect. It really depends on my reaction to my own failure. Have you ever started a diet with great intentions, only to miss one little thing, and then you figure since you screwed up already you may as well live as you want to? Well that, my friend, is a future failing. The best way for me to avoid failing my future is to use this experience to make me a healthier person inside. What I mean, is, through this experience, I can work on what caused me to binge in the first place. I can look at what was happening, what went wrong, and reassess my progression. So, in the end, what I did was look at what time I first started to forget my plan and eat what I felt like. This happened mid-morning for me, and started about 4 days into the program. I then took an assessment of what my food choices were before the program, during the program, and after the program. After the program I was still better than before, however the patterns were the same.

So I realized that the program, which consisted of eating 6 times a day, was not quite working for me. During the program I was still eating when I wasn’t hungry, which leads to mindless eating in the end. So how am I going to keep going? How do I plan on continuing progression in the way that I want to? In order to stop mindlessly eating habitually, I need to start the habit of eating less when I do eat. This will help me be hungry when it’s time to eat again. Another thing that I will do, is have set times for my meals and my snacks, so that I am not tempted to eat whenever I feel like. The next thing I need to do is self-control in my workouts. I find it easy to take the easy route, when I should push through and find my second wind.

It’s all about getting the professional and competitive edge in life. It’s about who I am, to me. It’s for the lifestyle that I want. It’s for good, hard-working attitudes. It’s what I want, and in the end, I will keep going until I find my rhythm and habits that make the lifestyle I have chosen. It’s about replacing undesirable habits with better ones. It’s about developing habits, and with each step I’ll be one step closer to the best version of myself. I am drinking my protein shakes for the protein and nutrition. I’m limiting my carbohydrates to healthier versions to avoid encouraging the escapade behavior found in binges. Binges are an interesting subject that I may talk about next week. Binges are about more than just eating too much of one thing. It’s an addictive escape that is developed as a protective mechanism. So I’m trying not to encourage that obsessive compulsion.


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