In It For The Long Haul

Psychology dictates that all voluntary and involuntary actions are reflected and controlled in the mind. This is why repetition aids in lifestyle changes and milestones. When we make an effort to do something a certain way for anywhere from several weeks to a couple years, that action moves from voluntary to involuntary. For this reason, also, we require a professional and clarified approach to lifestyle changes. This doesn’t mean that a professional is absolutely necessary, but the approach to the change must be professional. Let me explain.

When you take a professional approach to a letter, all opinions and movements are based on facts and figures. That’s exactly how the weight loss programs work as well-they work with numbers and amounts. It’s a professional approach to lifestyle changes that changes the ratio of energy received to energy expended. Likewise, if there were an issue in the workplace, in order to correct the issue, one would first assess the situation and find the weak spots. Most diets have done this for you already by limiting things like carbs, sugar, and salt. In the book French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano (2005) The author writes about her own experiences losing weight. She sought professional help to determine the components of her diet that was causing her to have the body of a “large sack of potatoes”. Where most diets are great, it is a standardized selection based off common lifestyles. In seeking professional help, Mireille was able to customize her plan according to her struggles. With the professional help she was also able to integrate those trouble foods into her diet in such a way that she did not return to the potato body she had previously.

Like any professional would do, as you take a professional appeal to your goals, you break down the steps into small steps. This gives you the confidence and feeling of accomplishment as you reach each goal. This helps you make the baby steps necessary to achieve the new life you can rock on the beach without a towel. In this professional light, sometimes emotions are ignored in an effort to have an unadulterated point of view. It’s only natural for an emotional eater to shove his feelings in the corner to lose weight-after all, emotions are what cause those cravings, right? Wrong. It’s your reaction to the emotions that come to surface. A lot of people go into a diet with a sense of fantasy. They see that body that is free of all cellulite and runs effortlessly on the beach without unseemly bounces and wrinkles. That’s a fantasy. It’s airbrushed. It’s nonsense.

Remember thinking that you want to be the best version of YOU? That means it’s a reachable goal. You can be the healthiest version of you, rock the bikini, and have confidence all in one-but it comes from within. This kind of authenticity doesn’t happen by shoving emotions in the corner. So what you can do, is take a professional move to include your emotions. Bring in selfish things that you can do instead of eating, to make you feel good about yourself. Most of these things make you better too, because they affect your hormones and your metabolism as well. Think of something that takes you off the couch or brings you outside. Do you like soccer? What about swimming? Tennis? Find an activity that you can feel good about and get interested in the competition. This will give you the professional push that athletes have when they are improving their bodies. That’s what you want, anyways, correct?

So I love to be by the water. I live in the desert, so my joy is going for a walk/jog/sprints by the river at the park. My breaks are by the water where all the ducks are feeding. I hear the birds, and see little kids running around while I am getting fresh air, vitamin D, and getting exercise. I also recently found a friend that might play Tennis or Racquetball with me. That would be the smart move, because it’s with another person and it’s competitive in a friendly way. It’s new and exciting, and will bring me a sense of accomplishment. What moves you? What motivates you to become a better person? Whatever it is, it helps if it takes you away from the fridge and the television, but also allows you to have your favorite show. It is something that will keep you from reversing any other efforts that you have laid down to lose weight. If it makes you thirsty, hot, and sweaty you’ll feel really good after that shower. As you get better at the activity you’ll feel so good that during the game you may even forget that this was once hard work. That’s the point that you are striving for at first, and that is the point of reassessment in your lifestyle habits.

Remember, you’re in this for the long haul. It’s not just about fitting smaller clothes or looking good. Those are signs that you are doing something right, for sure. But the true lifestyle change comes from inside. For me, it meant changing everything from toxic relationships and toxic lifestyle habits to eating and fitness habits. I realized that I can work out every day, but if I am on my butt the rest of the time and pigging out, I will always be the fat and depressed kid I’m trying to run away from. When I was a kid, I was an avid athlete. I never got to the point of high muscle definition, since I was just a kid, but there came a day that lack of support combined with bad lifestyle choices at home and increased stress lead me to pick up old habits. I am trying to get my life back. It’s life as it should be, and life as I want my kids to know. What drives you? What gives you that deep longing for something more than just losing those pounds? What “shape” of lifestyle do you want and who will be affected by this lifestyle change?


French Women Don’t Get Fat by Guiliano, Mireille. 2005.


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