I have pretty much figured out what I wa

I have pretty much figured out what I want to get in life. I want a nice house, newer car, hot body, and active lifestyle. I’m dreaming about it and wanting to do everything at once. But I’ve been studying more about changing habits and lifestyles-and you can’t just make the switch cold turkey. Even if you relocate, there are steps that must take place in order to make it last longer and make the change go deeper into your soul. You might be saying to yourself, “What is this girl talking about? I just need to start all over! I need that surgery or this diet and that program….I’ll quit my cigarettes, alcohol, and junk food and start running 10 miles a day. That’ll do the trick.” I have some news for you-it won’t work for long. I want to talk about my Dad, who has overcome alcohol and smoking habits that have been in place since before I was born. He did it in steps, and has now been sober a year and a half. It takes little steps, with the right kind of support, in order for success. He had to make the decision to take care of himself, and he had to have a reason.
For my Dad, his goals were reasonable and reachable. He was in a good place, and received the support he needed to make things right. For me, it took an inflammatory illness that put me in bed and forced me resign from my corporate job. That job was great, but in bed I had a lot of time to think. I realized that I put myself in this position by not taking care of myself. I was the reason I was overweight, poor, and sick. I was also the one to get me out of this mess. I wanted the change, knew it was right for me, so the next step for me was to find the answers and support I needed to get out of my mess. I needed professional help and accountability. This wasn’t a job I could give my friends, because it would put pressure between us that in the end will take away the job or the friendship; and I was not about to lose either one of those.
The next thing that I needed to do is develop a “listening” to my body. What was it trying to communicate to me? I hurt everywhere, but why? Well, my muscles were sore from not getting used. I learned that when you work your muscles it feeds oxygen to the individual threads, and as they expand and contract in the workout the harmful toxins are extracted with the fat and dispersed in bodily waste and sweat. So, when I was giving in to my lazy inclinations, my body was harboring harmful toxins and the muscles were becoming stiff. When I was moving around and working my body, they were working off those toxins and secreting them out of my muscles. It is all a painful process, but it also hurts and deprives my body of vitamins to avoid this necessary part of taking care of myself. So I am continuing to strengthen this “listening”. When I eat too much chocolate, instead of covering up the tummy ache with something sweeter, I stop and drink water to start flushing it out. I make a mental note that this was another binge, and reach to psychology to figure out why I did the terrible deed. Develop a “listening”. When your friends or family tell you that you are lazy and boring, there is probably a reason. These are the people that care about you, and they are seeing you from a different point of view. Don’t swallow the pain with more junk food, but instead find a way to feel good about yourself. Make good decisions to start the rest of your life right.
You see, it’s not just about saying no to the present. When I made the choices t to do what was best for my body I had failings. If it was only about fitting into a smaller size of jeans, or if it was only about being able to rock a bikini, I would have most likely met my goals sooner than I will. But it was about changing my life. What’s the difference? When you want to change your life, you’re looking at fitting smaller jeans-for the rest of your life! You’re looking at being able to run around with your kids when they are in sports. You’re looking at a life of energy and fitness. You’re…


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