How did I get here? I am a former binge

How did I get here? I am a former binge junkie, couch potato, and fit hypocrite. How did I get motivated to start treating my body like it’s the last one I’ll get in this lifetime? How did I get to the point where I am interested in what I am putting in my body and how I am using my body? Where did this motivation come from? I certainly didn’t learn it or inherit it! It took me years, because I didn’t have any coaching or guidance to help me along the way. It takes a reason to become motivated, knowledge to take the first few steps, and courage to maintain the momentum in order to reach and maintain goals.

So, in common language, what I have learned in psychology while studying to become a Life Coach is what helped me push myself past this horrible situation. The first step is to assess the present situation and determine what are some good points and what are some points you desire to change. For me, the good points were the following: I was pursuing my dreams by furthering education, I was carrying good grades in college, and I knew what I wanted in life. The points about my situation that I wanted to change included weight loss, increased self-esteem, building a healthy legacy, and actually acquiring employment in regards to my career goals. I also didn’t appreciate the current momentum-I was moving the wrong direction. Instead of occupying my time with things that prepare for my future, I was indulging in addictive behaviors like binges and movie marathons. I realized there is a reason for everything, and the reason for my overweight and lazy/sick situation is because I was living like a lazy, sick, and overweight person. I had developed these behaviors in efforts to fit in with a group of people who were threatened by my physique, and now I was hating myself for who I had become.

Beyond developing this aversion to the present lifestyle, I needed to develop a passion for what my future could look like. So what would your reasons be? Mine are deeper than a bikini ready body. Of course I want that! But to me, it means more than that. It means that my kids learn how to eat and live healthfully without bad body images. If I am not fat, my kids won’t be afraid to be fat as they mature. If I am eating nutritious foods, then my kids will learn that what I am doing is the way to live. I basically want to have a life that my kids can look up to. That’s my legacy. Another deep meaning of health to me is having the energy to build and maintain the home life that I want. My desire is to have a garden for fresh produce, having kids involved in sports, and limited time watching the television. If that is what I want, then I need to start now. I don’t want my family to be bored and teach my kids how to eat mindlessly while watching movies. To me, I think movies should be a special family event, and not the normal activity. So how do I start? I start with me. I start living my dream within the means I have now. It means keeping my dreams alive and passion on fire.

So what can you do to make those first steps? Realize what you are, discover what you can be, and develop a passion for what you want. That’s the first one. Start dreaming. You can’t get what you want unless you know what you want and what you don’t want. Do you like what kind of shape you are in? Do you love your hobbies? Is that how you want to keep going? These are the questions you should ask yourself before you go on the journey to taking charge of your life and your situation.


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